It's been said, “That is your legacy on this Earth when you leave this Earth: how many hearts you touched.” 

The large group of Christians in the Crossroads have one thing in common: they all go to church somewhere.

Here at Crossroads Church, we feed them spiritually on Sunday mornings and throughout the week. We also serve as the hub for their small groups, fellowship opportunities, children's ministries, and spiritual growth classes. We marry them, bury them, celebrate their anniversaries, Pastor them through hardship and live life with them.

We are also a hub to connect ministry services. You know who's collecting canned goods to feed the hungry, or who coordinates the mission trips, or who volunteers to do handy work for the homes of single moms and widows.

This land and future building will serve as a "Home Base,"  making a positive difference in the Crossroads and making Jesus famous!

Becoming a part of something bigger than yourself will reward you by touching future generations for years to come. 

One Fund

Crossroads Church will retain our monthly budget as it is, with giving used to cover the monthly expenses of our ministry. We will also keep one month of normal operating expenses in reserve for emergencies, such as cancelling weekend services for Hurricane Harvey, or unforeseeable repairs or replacements. Giving that comes in over and above the monthly need will put toward the future purchase of property, and building of our campus. If someone would like to make a specific large donation to the building fund that is over and above their normal monthly offering, they will still be able to do so.

We can say that we trust God, but the fact is that we really do not until we trust Him with everything. Our primary goal is 100% participation. We want 100% of those who call Crossroads Church home to open themselves up to the Lord, and to have a life-changing encounter with Him as it relates to giving and generosity and His abundant provision.